Our parts are made according to customer design and have very small tolerance limits.
The small parts are produced from barrs ø 2mm to barrs ø 20mm. Pieces can be made with different materials: brass, bronze, nickel silver, ecoclal, steel, AVP, ETG ...

In addition, we can submit the pieces to surface treatments such as gold plating, nickel plating, galvanizing and passivation.
We produce samples from min 10 pcs up to a production of millions of pieces. Given our flexibility, we offer the option to order the total quantity of pieces (for example 1.000.000 pcs annual requirement) and plan the various lots during the year (100.000 pcs per month for 10 months or in other ways);
The main sector of activities where are used our products are: electronic, electromechanical, eyewear, furniture, plumbing and painting.

It's implied that we can produce all type of precision parts that we can do with our machines.. not only for this sectors.


The professionalism and experience gained over the years allows us to meet the demands of the most diverse sectors:

Settore Electronic and Electromechanical

Electronic and Electromechanical

Electronic and Electromechanical: for this field we produce special male-female plugs, sockets, tips, and anything else inserts for electrical contacts. We are specialized with PIN for the electrical connectors. In fact, we can throw a bar ø 2 to create a PIN of ø 0.40mm.

Settore Eyewear


Eyewear: we produce small parts which are inserted into the temples of the glasses as joints, fermetti and diced.

Settore Miscellaneous parts, furniture, plumbing

Miscellaneous parts, furniture, plumbing

Furniture and hydraulic, ect: we satisfy the needs of small precision in other areas because they fall in the measures we workable.

Settore Painting


Painting: we produce the rods that would be entered in guns for paints and silicone.