Washing and Shipping

Lavaggio - Spedizioni


The company has a good washing machine IT LOGIC 120 and other tools to complete the best degreasing parts: tumblers and centrifuges.

The operator follows a precise instruction for washing and meet the deadlines.


Finally, the shipping department is equipped with two scales very innovative, precise and functional connected to an electronic terminal T-REX. To weigh accurately and safer for smaller parts we use a balance with maximum capacity 5Kg which reports an accuracy of 0.001g while for bigger pieces we use a balance with a maximum capacity of 30 Kg and an accuracy of 0.01g. The terminal is connected to a printer where the labels report the date, weights (tare-gross-net and PMU) the internal code, the order number and of course the quantity to ensure the traciability.

We regularly check the PMU of the pieces and update periodically to ensure the correct amount at the time of shipment. In addition, our scales are calibrated annually with the appropriate instruments.

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